My First Day at Southfield

Dear new pupils

I have been at a small village school all my life. There, you always have the same teacher, in the same classroom for all your lessons. It will be different at my new school. I will have to move around the school for all my lessons and will have different teachers for all my lessons. I also have to make new friends. Lots of changes to come.

I can now tell you it is not as bad as I worried about. It took a while to find my way around, but I did. Lunch time was different, less time than primary school, we have a nice canteen with a cashless system, and you just use your finger.

I have made a lot of friends and we do have a lot of fun.

Thank you for reading. Try not to worry too much it will be fine.

Megan 7PA


Before I moved to Southfield I was worried about getting lost and making new friends, but after only the first day I had made many new friends and if you do get lost, just ask one of the older students and they will always help you find where you need to go.

All of the school’s floors are very simple, they are A,B,C and D.  It’s very easy to get used to.

Wearing a lanyard is very helpful too.  It means you’ve always got your timetable handy!

Bethany 7SW