Academic Curriculum
& Subjects

Our Academic Curriculum is broad and balanced, provided a range of pathways through the key stages and beyond to further education and careers. However, Southfield is more than just a place of excellence served through a comprehensive academic curriculum. Our committed staff provide a wealth of opportunities for our students to develop through an extensive range of enrichment activities which can be accessed through our Enriched Curriculum page. 

Please find below a curriculum overview for all years alongside detailed explanations for each subject area and year group. This covers specific units, timeframes  key concepts, top vocabulary and suggested wider reading. Pathways links and associated career pathways can also be found in each subject area.

Our academic curriculum for all year groups is both broad and balanced and is designed to provide knowledge and nurture the skills and attitudes to be successful in school and beyond. Alongside a strong focus on the core subjects, our students are able to pursue a diverse range of interests through our wider curriculum. In addition, we place significant emphasis on nurturing the health and well-being of our students. Opportunities for regular physical activity and engagement in a range of topical debates support the development of good habits and healthy lifestyles. We continually review the curriculum offer to ensure it provides the best possible opportunities for our students to be successful in the future.

We encourage all parents /carers to review the curriculum for each area and support the learning at home using the framework and information provided in the subject areas.