School Closure

Emergency procedures in the event of school closure

The procedures we would follow in the event of school closure due to severe weather or other emergency such as heating failure are:

1 Should the decision to close be taken before school opens, this will be notified in the following ways:

  • The information will be posted on the school’s website:
  • Details of the closure will be shown on the county council website alongside any other school closures:
  • Local radio stations receive the information from the county council and broadcast details of school closures: BBC Radio Northampton 104.2 & 103.6 FM 2

It is possible that a decision to close early may have to be taken during the school day. In these circumstances, it is important that we have up to date records whether or not parents are happy for their daughter / son to leave school as soon as possible without the need for a parent to be contacted. Please be assured that any decision to close the school is considered very carefully. In the case of severe weather, conditions can change quickly in the early morning and information will be posted on the school’s website as soon as possible.

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