Vision & Values

Our world is evolving more rapidly than at any other time and becoming increasingly intertwined through advances in technology and as a result of globalisation. We live not only in an extremely competitive world but also one that presents amazing possibilities and opportunities. 


Southfield aims to provide for the future needs of our students. Careers and types of employment opportunities are evolving and changing continually. Some are yet to be created and so we see it as our obligation to prepare our students to be competitive in anticipation of the unknown. Therefore, our strong focus on academic attainment is equalled by our commitment to develop transferable skills and personal characteristics through the many opportunities we provide.

We provide an education that prepares our young people for a future in which they will need to be adaptable, resourceful and ethical in facing complex challenges. Being a Southfield student will mean the chance to be successful and have a positive influence on the global community. We aim for all of our students to be able to make an impact and leave a positive imprint on the world.

We nurture our students with the future in mind today.

Our shared values of Optimism, Resilience, Balance, Individuality and Synergy are explained below.