Student Support

Southfield students will only achieve their best when they are happy. We are fully committed to the personal and social development of every young person in our care.

All staff members recognise their pastoral responsibilities within school and the network of form tutors, Student Service and the Director of student services, work together to focus on pastoral care.  We provide an environment in which girls can grow in confidence and self-esteem and in which they know there is always someone on hand to listen to any concerns they might have.  

A structured PSHE programme addresses the issues which our young students face as they grow up in today’s world.  We teach the value of integrity and, from internet safety and friendships to health, self-image and responsibility, we aim to equip girls with practical skills and valuable information imbedding our values at Southfield.

A copy of our Anti Bullying Parent Guide can be found here.

The Pastoral Team are:

Mrs J Topple (Student Support Manager + Associate Assistant Headteacher)
[email protected]

Mrs V King (Year 9 Student Support Assistant)

Miss E Mavromatis (Year 10 Student Support Assistant)
[email protected]

Mrs T Coleman (Year 11 Student Support Assistant)
t[email protected]

Miss C Welsh (Year 7  Student Support Assistant)
[email protected]

Miss E Scott (Year 8 Student Support Assistant)
[email protected]

Mrs J Hilton (Attendance Officer)
[email protected]