‘Read Your World’ at Southfield

At Southfield, we recognise that the ability to read is a key life skill for all and allows students greater access to the curriculum through the development of cultural capital and increased global understanding. As part of our 'Communicate' strategy, we aim to develop students' disciplinary literacy, recognising the importance of reading across all subjects as well as being a tool to support a healthy mental wellbeing.

Throughout the reading branch of our whole school Communicate strategy, we encourage all teachers to be advocates of reading. Students are encouraged to ‘Read Your World’ and are given opportunities to read independently, read aloud, read academically and read for enjoyment during the school day. We encourage reading development through a number of strategies, including:

  • Form time reading and discussion programme
  • Access to online reading lists and programmes for parents and students
  • Free access to ebooks and audiobooks
  • Reading age tracking for all students
  • Reading intervention programmes
  • Cross curricular reading training for all teachers
  • Access to ‘The Globe Library'