Student Leadership Welcome

"Hello everyone, my name is Hilary and I am the Head Student here at Southfield School.

I am a STEM student (Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics) and I take Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for my A Levels, as well as an EPQ. I am an aspiring medical student. However, management/business consultancy and computer science interest me also.

Besides being a STEM student, I also have a huge passion for learning, and I exercise this through learning different languages (currently, Swedish, Arabic and French) and writing essays on topics that interest me in my spare time! The incredible community that is provided here at Southfield is partly responsible for this eagerness to learn.

There has always been a sense of belonging that came from continuous encouragement from my teachers to do my best throughout my time as a student here since I joined in Year 7, so I am more than honoured to represent this wonderful school as Head Student."

Hilary, Year 13, Head Student

“Hello, my name is Blessing Kuzondidini and I'm the Deputy Head Student of Southfield School.

I've been at this school since year 7; I'm a STEM student currently taking Biology, Chemistry and Maths and I'm aiming to go into a career where I can have an influence in medicine (a field I've been fascinated with from a young age). I partake in many hobbies (mostly in sports) outside of school just to have a change in scenery!

My aim as Deputy Head Student is to encourage more student-centred planning committees and teams so students feel involved in things concerning them! In all my years at this school, the common theme I've seen is that many students are passionate and are not afraid to let their voice be heard and this led to me wanting to help these voices be heard even more.

I feel privileged to be a part of this team and I know our team is going to work hard to contribute to the development of this school..”

Blessing, Year 13, Deputy Head Student

"We look forward to welcoming every new student to our exceptional school."