Summer Basecamp '21

Southfield Basecamp – Summer School 2021

School lead: Lyndsay Roe    Funding claimed: £37 909.50

Aim and rationale:

Southfield draws students from a large number of feeder schools, often this means students are the only one from their school due to start at Southfield in September of year 7. In previous years we have utilised transition days to help students make new friends, meet their new teachers and start to get to know their way around the school site. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we were unable to run transition days and took the opportunity to offer a Summer School to assist students with their transition from primary to secondary school.

Pupil information:

Places were offered to all incoming year 7 students due to start at Southfield in September 2021


Pupils eligible for pupil premium

Pupils not eligible for pupil premium


Places offered




Places delivered








Whilst the majority of students attended Southfield Basecamp for the week, due to prior arrangements and family circumstances some students only attended part of the week.

Numbers decreased on Friday following a positive Covid case that affected both staff and students being reported to the school on Thursday evening.








Number of students








Details about Southfield Basecamp:






  • Direct staffing for Basecamp
  • Administration support in advance
  • Administration support for week of Basecamp

£24 602.62


  • 3 x packed lunches for students and staff
  • Ingredients for 2 x cooked meals
  • Fresh fruit available throughout the day


Day Trip

  • Minibus use
  • Fuel costs
  • Parking


Resources (consumable)

  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Art and craft supplies
  • STEM supplies
  • Paper




  • Mountain bikes
  • Ground works for mountain bike track
  • Timber for assault course
  • Pickle Ball set

£11 710.17


  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Site use




£39 498.18


Overspend funded through school funds.


In general, staff and students enjoyed the week and felt it was beneficial to students. The year 7 students who started in September 2021, following attendance at Southfield Basecamp showed awareness of the school values and expectations, had made friends outside of their primary school groups and built relationships with staff and peers.

Whilst we believe Southfield Basecamp has been a success, the associated costs, both financially and in staff time, mean we are still reviewing whether to offer Southfield Basecamp 2022.

Parental Feedback:

“We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and running of Basecamp.  It was such a brilliant experience for XXX. She absolutely loved it, made lots of new friends and is really looking forward to starting in September.”

“My daughter has attended Basecamp this past week and I just wanted to convey our thanks for arranging this. XXX has thoroughly enjoyed her week with the school and it has been a very reassuring experience, allaying those fears of starting secondary school in such uncertain times.

It is extremely generous of the school that you have provided (free of charge) all meals, a day trip and a whole weeks worth of activities not to mention the teachers who have given up their valuable time to provide this opportunity for the new year 7 children.

The staff on the gates and doors have been so very helpful and welcoming and if XXX’s experience is anything to go by it seems that Basecamp has been a huge success.

Many thanks to all involved!"

"I would like to say a huge thank you for arranging the basecamp XXX has loved meeting you all and making new friends with other students this week. I can tell already she has grown in confidence and is looking forward to starting school in September. Thank you to all involved in putting this week together"

"Thanks for a fabulous week, XXX has thoroughly enjoyed herself and looking forward to September "

"The Basecamp has been fantastic for XXX and we are pleased that we have sent her as it has given her the opportunity to make some friends in advance of starting in September."