Working with other schools...

Southfield School is keen to work closely with primary schools, to create opportunities for students (boys and girls) to experience what it is like to be in a secondary school.

Not only will this support the primary-secondary transition of students, but will further develop the community and continuity between primary and secondary curriculums and enable the sharing of best practice and experience between the two sectors.

During Term 6, summer 2022, we are offering the opportunity for primary school students in Year 4 and 5 to come and visit us and work with us for a morning or afternoon. Our enthusiastic staff are able and willing to deliver sessions in the following areas:

  • Creative writing (English)
  • Map skills and fieldwork (Geography)
  • Music workshop
  • STEM challenges / competitions (Science)
  • Clay / sculpture sessions (Art, Design, Technology)
  • Drama workshop
  • Maths sessions (stretch and challenge or fun Maths activities)
  • Dance workshops (Dance)
  • Sports Days / athletics (Healthy Living)
  • Food practical (Healthy Living)

We can try and tailor what we offer to meet your own curriculum needs and the needs of your students. Please email [email protected] to express interest in any of these sessions, and we can discuss further.

If you find it difficult to travel to us, we are willing to visit you and bring some of our enthusiastic students with us. Please get in touch and we can discuss some potential options