Creative Community


Calling all students, parents & carers, brothers & sisters, grandparents, staff and friends of any age. In fact, anyone from our extended community!

We are launching our image-nation project to capture the creativity from within our community. We will feature the creations from anyone who send them to us on this page - no matter what age from 1-101! 

Your creation should be a response to one of the titles on the right-hand side. It can be in any form (digital or handcrafted) - a painting/drawing, a poem, a short story, an original piece of music... there really are no limits. We will be selecting some of the work to feature around our school and in our new building currently under construction. We want future generations to be inspired by the imagination of our community. 

You or someone you know might want to create individually or perhaps this could be an opportunity to work together as a family even if you are in different houses. 

There are also no time limits. Just send an image of your work to [email protected] or post it in to our normal address. Just remember to add your name and the title you are responding to.

The titles you can create from are...

1. Community spirit - local -national - global (any or all)

2. Dreams and aspirations - The value of learning

3. Good health and well-being

4. The future world we need

5. Being British means... (Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect)

6. A world of possibilities through our school values (Optimism, Resilience, Balance, Individuality, Synergy)

7. Reading matters because...