Our school travel plan has the following aims:

  • To contribute to reducing traffic congestion in the vicinity of the school.

  • To improve the health of students and staff, contributing to the ‘Healthy Schools Agenda’.

  • To improve safety in the vicinity of the school entrance at arrival and departure times.

  • To contribute to reducing CO2 emissions associated with the school.

  • To work in liaison with local schools (Bishop Stopford School) to provide transport to students in outlying areas.

  • To encourage car sharing for staff and sixth form students.

    For school transport from September 2024, we will require the full balance to be paid by Monday 26 August 2024 to receive a valid bus pass.  For the academic year of 2023 2024, the cost of a bus pass with RB Travel was £925.

How will you get to the school? 
Arriving on foot

There are two main entrances for people who walk to school a) Bryant Road, parallel to Lewis Road b) through the entrance on Netherfield Road open between 7-30am – 8.20am and 3.05pm - 3.20pm. 

The main entrance to the school building has wheelchair access. 
Arriving by bike

There are cycle storage facilities on the premises, located by the main entrance. This cycle area has secure storage for 22 bicycles. Cyclists need to provide their own locks to secure their bikes to the stand. Many of the roads which students have to use to access the school such as London Road and Pytchley Road are very busy roads and extra care must be taken when using these roads. 

Designated bus services

There is an agreed code of conduct relating to travel on school coaches here. Bus passes are allocated to students as appropriate. Bus timetables can be found here
Arriving by car or taxi
Parents who drop off and collect children from school are expected to park outside the school grounds. Anyone arriving at the site by motorised vehicle is required to park responsibly. An access for emergency vehicles should be maintained at all times

Arriving by public bus

Visitors to the school could use public transport provision. The nearest bus stops are on Pytchley Road and it is a short walk, taking less than 5 minutes, from these bus stops to the school. 

Arriving by train

Kettering train station is located approximately 1.1 mile from the school and is located on the Midlands Mainline, allowing access from Corby, Market Harborough and Wellingborough. The route from station to school: Station, Broadway, Queensway, London Road,  

Environmental awareness

Cycling is encouraged and awareness raised through the links with British Cycling. Traffic congestion around the school has been a focus area with parents requested not to drop students off in the school grounds but to find an area close to the school where they can be dropped off and then walk the remaining distance. Permits have been introduced for staff so parking on the school site can be monitored. Planting trees which we have received from the Woodland Trust ensures we continue to aim to reduce the impact of carbon emissions.