Uniform & Equipment

School Uniform


  • Tartan/Black logo skirts from Price & Buckland only
  • Black school logoed trousers from Price & Buckland only
  • White revere collar can be purchased form any store short sleeves only
  • Socks or tights: Plain white, black or grey ankle or three-quarter length socks or thick black or grey tights or ordinary fine beige tights
  • Shoes: Black with a sensible heel height. In the interests of safety, high platforms and extremes of heel are not allowed. Boots and open-toed sandals are not allowed. Trainers are not to be worn in school except during P.E lessons
  • Outdoor coats: plain jackets, coats or anoraks should not be worn inside the school building
  • Blazers must be worn around the school building at all times. The only time where you may take your blazer off is at break time and lunch outside the building, or in a lesson where the teacher has given permission to do so. On hot days there will be an email sent to all teachers stating that it will be a non-blazer day
  • Badge must be worn on the lapel at all times
  • Price & Buckland provide sizing options outside of those listed. Please call them for further details.