A Level History

“Why should I study History?”

History repeats itself because no one learns its lessons!  

Our History course is wide-ranging and offers something for all enquiring historians. Your breadth study will involve you analysing the evolving monarchies within the Tudor Dynasty, from Henry VII through to Elizabeth I.  Your depth study will focus on the nature of revolution and dictatorship within Russia between the years 1917 to 1953.  Your final area of study will be on the political changes within Germany between the years 1910 and 1990.

These diverse topics will allow you to gain an insight into how the world in which we live today has been shaped, at the same time as developing skills which are valued by universities and employers alike.

“What will I study?”

Subject content


  • The Tudors: England 1485 - 1603
  • Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia 1917 - 1953