A Level Geography

Course Description

Geography encourages students to gain enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement as they develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This A Level course enables students to be inspired by their geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students will grow as independent thinkers and as informed and engaged citizens, who understand the role and importance of geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to understanding the world’s changing peoples, places and environments.

“Why should I study Geography?”

Geography is an enjoyable, interesting and topical subject and is concerned with the world in which we live.
It is useful for many careers in both arts and sciences and is essential for some jobs. It is a subject which connects the arts and sciences. It is about the future and encourages flexible thinking.

Geography provides the basis for the study of many other subjects and is an option that combines with many other A-Level choices. Geography is a subject valued by universities as it offers flexibility along with the learning of vital skills. Geography addresses global and current issues, developing new areas of study and provides a firm basis for life-long learning. Geography is a subject providing many essential skills which are useful for future employment opportunities.

“What will I study?”

Geography A-Level builds on the work started at GCSE. There is a mix of topics that you will have studied at GCSE as well as areas of study which are new to you such as tectonic hazards, water insecurity and the carbon cycle.

The course consists of four areas of study:

  • Dynamic Landscapes – e.g. Tectonic Processes & Hazards and Coastal Landscapes
  • Dynamic Places – e.g. Globalisation and Regenerating Places
  • Physical Systems and Sustainability e.g. Water Insecurity and Energy Security
  • Human Systems and Geopolitics e.g. Superpowers and Migration