Studying psychology will give students an insight into human behaviour and thinking as well as teaching them a wide range of analytical, literacy, numeracy and application skills. 

Students will explore theories and research exploring aspects of human behaviour including how memory works, how other people influence our behaviour, causes and treatments of psychological disorders and scientific processes involved in researching human behaviour.  Students will be challenged and excited through their studies and will become increasingly confident at interpreting and evaluating psychological theories and research. Studying psychology will ensure that students are equipped with the necessary scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary to develop a better understanding of themselves and the wider world.

KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) A level Psychology
KS5- Higher & Further Education
Psychology can prepare students for a wide range of degree courses including courses in social sciences, sociology, psychology, criminology and health and social care, as well as courses related to working with people in healthcare, business and social care.
Careers  Psychology is useful for many careers involving working with people including careers such as counselling, nursing, teaching, business management, human resources and social work
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