Art, Craft and Design

Our Art, Craft and Design curriculum is centred around the idea that a visual arts education inspires knowledge, appreciation and creation of culture which helps learners connect to their world.

The themes and tasks within the Art, Craft & Design curriculum creates new ways of seeing, thinking, doing and being. Our schemes of learning open possibilities and opportunities for learners to discover themeselves, their creativity, values, ethics, societies and cultures. The range of projects the students will explore, develops an understanding of creative practice through knowledge, understanding and production of art in contexts and develops the learners ability to think critically and imaginatively. We believe it is also important to foster an intercultural understanding, and an empathic commitment to cultural diversity. Our curriculum is a developmental process. Learners engage with 'making'  along-side learning about art. We encourage visual literacy as it is an essentail skill in today's world and it encourages appreciation and understanding of visual communication and the ability to critically analyse and make meaningful images. Art, Craft and Design encourages the development of many transferable skills which enhances learning in other curriculum areas. 



KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield) GCSE Art, Craft and Design
KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) GCE Art, Craft and Design
KS5- Higher & Further Education
Art and Design Foundation Diplomas (Art Foundation), Arts/Creative Degree courses, Creative Apprenticeships
Careers  Architect, Museum/Gallery Curator, Fashion Merchandiser, Web Designer, Interior Designer, Art Educator, Photojournalist, Film Director, landscape Architect, Video Game Designer, Make-up Artist, Cinematographer, Product Designer, Textile Designer, Logo Designer, Book Illustrator, Set Designer, 3D Aminator, Art Historian, Photographer, Comic Book Artist, Floral designer, Ceramic Artist, Jewellery Designer.
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