CTEC Business

Why should I study the Cambridge technical in Business?

It will provide you with the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and independent study skills necessary for higher education and/or employment

You will gain a broad understanding of business and then be able to study selected areas in more depth

You will learn through your own research and investigation; vital for progression onto university or employment

If you would like to progress to a career in business or take a degree course in business management or related subjects such as economics, accounting, travel and tourism, marketing or events management.

What will I study?

Unit One - The business environment – includes the different types, ownership, structure and aims and objectives of business and how they are influenced by the wider external environment.  The unit also consider the importance of stakeholders and business planning.

Unit Two - Working in business – this unit will cover the skills and understanding needed to work effectively within a business environment.  This includes arranging meetings, working with documents, communicating with stakeholders

Unit Four - Customers and communication – includes the purpose, methods and importance of communication in business and the appropriateness of different forms of communication for different situations.

There are two additional units and they will be chosen from several optional units such as:  Accounting Concepts, Human Resources, Marketing and Project Management.