BTEC Creative Media

“Why should I study Creative Media?”

The Level 3 BTEC is for students who are interested in the creative industries, are enthusiastic about media studies combined with media productions in all areas such as film, TV, advertising, music, magazines, newspapers and new digital media. 

BTEC Nationals use a combination of assessment styles to give your students confidence they can apply their knowledge to succeed in the workplace – and have the study skills to continue learning on higher education courses. This range of vocational assessments – both practical and written – mean students can showcase their learning and achievements to best effect when they take their next step, whether that’s supporting applications to higher education courses or potential employers.

You should have an active interest in studying the media and demonstrate imagination through creative production.

“What will I study?”

Course Content

Unit 1: Media Representation

Students are required to complete an on-screen supervised exam which lasts for two hours. The exam will consist on short and long answer questions.

Learners will study a range of media products and how these represent individuals, groups, places and issues and how audience respond to these. They will apply a number of media theories to demonstrate academic knowledge and a deeper level of understanding.

Unit 4: Pre-production

Students to carry out set tasks from a specific assignment brief and create evidence to work-related scenarios. Assignments include research, projects, investigations, fieldwork, and experiments, and often link theory with production of media products.

Unit 8: Responding to a Commission

Students are required to complete a two-part task, where they are provided with a commission for a media production, they will then conduct research activities in order to be able to complete a controlled assessment in exam conditions for the second part of the task.

Unit 10 Fictional Film Production

Students are required to plan and produce a short narrative film or film extract that uses generic conventions.