A Level Sociology

“Why should I study Sociology?”

This course offers an engaging introduction to the study of Sociology.  Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the structure of society and issues and processes within society as well as exploring how sociologists study society. Sociology explores a range of areas that are directly relevant to students’ lives, including the structure and function of the family, education in society, the role of the media in society and crime and deviance.
Sociology goes well with most other subjects, particularly psychology, English language, business studies, health and social care, history, biology and politics.
Sociology is useful in a wide variety of careers; especially if you want to work with people e.g. social services, education, criminal justice, welfare services, government, counselling, charities and the voluntary sector.

“What will I study?”

In Year One, the course focuses on contemporary UK society.  Students will learn about highly topical and often controversial issues such as Education and how this has changed over time and in response to political climates. Students will also study Research Methods which will complement their understanding of other topic areas. A further module looking at Families and Households is studied which examines the changing nature of the family and its importance. All of these are fascinating modules that enable students to think critically about the society that they live in.

In Year Two students will study Crime and Deviance (the study of how society creates labels and treats criminals), The Media and Theory, and Methods in Sociology.