A Level English-Literature

“Why should I study English Literature?”

It can you help you to develop communication skills which are valuable for future employment.
It helps you to develop skills in critical analysis.
It can help you become more aware of important cultural, social and historical issues.
It combines well with a range of other subjects.

“What will I study?”

English Literature is a two-year course, leading to A2 examinations. You will also complete one Non Examined Assessment, worth 20% of your final grade. In preparation for the exams and NEA, you will study:

A variety of literary texts from different time and literary periods, such as a Shakespeare play and modern novel,

fiction and non-fiction texts of different genres,

the social, historical and literary contexts of texts,

different literary theories.


You will also develop a range of skills, such as:

  • the knowledge and understanding needed to discuss literature in an analytical and discriminating way,
  • how to compare texts written in different genres and from different time periods,
  • the ability to interpret texts in different ways,
  • how to write essays effectively.