A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies

“Why should I study Drama & Theatre Studies?”

This qualification is invaluable to those students who are interested in furthering their studies or gaining employment in drama, theatrical performance or other areas of the performing arts.  

It is widely recognised that the transferable skills obtained through the study of Theatre – such as co-operation, negotiation skills, presentation skills, increased self-awareness and self-confidence – appeal to many employers outside the world of the Performing Arts. The course is exciting, engaging and excellent preparation for higher education or the world of work.

“What will I study?”

During the Theatre Studies course you will have two non-examined assessments and one externally examined paper. These are broken down as follows:

Component 1: Devising (40%) – Internally examined

  • Devise an original performance piece
  • Use one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli
  • Performer or designer routes available

Component 2: Text in performance (20%) – Externally examined

  • A group performance/design realisation of one key extract from a performance text
  • A monologue or duologue performance/design realisation from one key extract from a different performance text

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice - Written examination

  • Live theatre evaluation
  • Analysis and practical evaluation of 2 performance texts