A Level Art-Craft & Design

“Why should I study Art, Craft and Design?”

Studying A-level Art, Craft and Design will help you develop intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive skills. You will have the opportunity to experiment, investigate and develop practical skills as well as aesthetic understanding and critical judgment. Yet perhaps more valuable than anything, you will enjoy opportunities to develop independence of mind, explore your own ideas, refine your skills and produce personal outcomes. 

“What will I study?”

You will begin by investigating 9 threshold concepts designed to widen your understanding and knowledge of Art, Craft and Design. You will look at the ways other artists and designers have worked and used this understanding to enhance your own artwork.

Recording from observation and taking inspiration from the world around you are an essential part of the course and you will keep sketchbooks to assist in the recording and developing of your ideas. You will also learn various ways of presenting your work for display.

As you progress through the A-Level course and learn more advance skills you will be encouraged to find ways of developing your own personal style and interests.

Within your own personal investigations your will have to show evidence of two areas of study. An example of this is Fine Art, which will include demonstrating skills and techniques that could relate to drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, installation, printmaking, moving image (video, film, animation) and photography. You could also branch out into three-dimensional design.

Other areas of study include photography or graphic communication. If you have leaning towards textile design, you will need to demonstrate skills and techniques that could relates to fashion design, fashion textiles, costume design, digital textiles, printed and / or dyed fabrics and materials, domestic textiles, wallpaper, interior design, constructed textiles, art textiles and installed textiles.