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On these pages you will find a regualrly updated collection of online Professional Learning opportunities.  Please share any resources you find that staff might find useful to [email protected]

ResearchEDHome (@ResearchEDHome)

ResearchED are offered live webinars everyday at 11am from March until June 2020. The line-up was amazing!

This Google Sheet shows all of the 49 webinars and the video links.

The direct YouTube playlist is here:  


Tom Sherrington - Rosenshine's Principles in Action (@teacherhead)

Rosenshine's Principles in Action: Tom Sherrington ...

As he could not offer his ‘Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction Masterclasses’ in person, Tom has created videos that cover the content of these courses, for free. He has also offered up the related slides too. An amazingly generous teacher (Claire Grimes: has also created some workbooks to accompany too. Lovely stuff!

You may find it useful to have a copy of the original Rosenshine document to use alongside. This can be found under ‘Essential Articles’ in the Professional Learning Library section on the school website and here:

We also have tons of copies of Tom's book, 'Rosenshine's Principles in Action' in the Professional Learning Library in G4.

Tom’s Blogpost explaining the whole thing

Tom Sherrington Rosenshine YouTube Playlist

Copies of the accompanying slides

Workbooks for each session


The use of these resources is not mandatory and there are no time limits attached.  This page is purely for your information. No judgements. No follow up. Use them. Ignore them.  Your professional choice.

Seneca Teacher CPD (@senecalearn and

Teacher Courses
Seneca now has 9 different teacher courses that you may find useful/interesting.  The topics are:

  1. Cognitive Science Level 1
  2. Cognitive Science Level 2
  3. Literacy in Science
  4. Metacognition
  5. Dual Coding
  6. Leadership
  7. Retrieval Practice
  8. Assessment for Teachers
  9. The CRAFT of Assessment (Condense/Reflect/Assess/Feed-forward/Target driven improvement)

They have all been added to a Southfield Professional Learning Class on Seneca, which you can join here.

Online Webinars
Seneca are also ran online ‘teach meets’ at 3pm on a Wednesday during Term 6 of 2019-20.

There is a YouTube Playlist here with all of he recordings.