One Small Step...One Giant Challenge 25 May 2020

A few months ago 16 members of staff at Southfield School in Kettering made a commitment to attempt to complete the Three-Peaks Challenge in 24 hours (that's climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales - Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon).

This was due to take place on Monday 25 May, during our half term. Unfortunately this is not going to be possible in the current climate. However! We have decided to create a challenging opportunity that reflects our original aim and at the same time raise vital funds for the NHS Together Charities Appeal, supporting NHS staff and Volunteers caring for COVID-19 Patients.  We have a justgiving page set up for sponsorship here.

The challenge is simple… anyone from our wider community can choose a global landmark from 25 possible options - from the Taj Mahal, to the Statue of Liberty to the three peaks to even Mount Everest and then attempt to climb its height in 24 hours from 10am on Monday 25 May... on their stairs or steps! See the chart on the right for an indicative number of staircase climbs required (your stairs might be different). We are sending this out to our students and their families to take part. However, welcome anyone of any age from our community to join us and take part. All you then need to do is attempt the climb and count the height you make by 10am on Tuesday 26 May. You may reach your target or you might smash through it… either way it’s going to be an experience!

You might sign up by yourself (solo) or attempt a landmark as a combined household team or across households and combine your total height. You might climb for just a few hours or slog it out over the full 24 hours perhaps like a relay if you’re in a team. It’s up to you! In short – we want as many people as possible from across our wider school community to take part in this event!

*The first thing you need to do is Sign up and choose your landmark here

Once again, our justgiving page is here to send to everyone you know to sponsor you to complete the challenge!