Global Village Camp

On Friday 18 October 2019, 150 Year 7 students and 20+ staff began a remarkable experience. They constructed their own individual shelters from recycled materials and stayed in them overnight. They had been planning this event over the last few months having been told of the venture during the Year 6 induction programme in July. Each student paid £5 for a 'pitch' and then gathered sponsorship to complete the challenge and see the night through in their makeshift construction.

They had been designing and planning their shelter as part of their Heathly Living Course and Tutorial Programme. Each student also designed their own Prayer Flag and these were connected together and featured as part of the centrepiece to the camp. The focus of the Healthy Living course this term has been 'my world'. This has included a focused exploration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) that highlight the 17 key areas to transform the world. We want our students to have an awareness of the global situation while being active citizens locally, nationally and globally. There is no doubt that this camp will have nurtured resilience, creativity and community spirit. 

The students took part in a range of team challenges during the evening that enabled them to accumulate enough rocket fuel to send a firework into the sky to bring the evening to a close. Despite the rain (heavy at times!), it was an fantastic experience and one that we will be planning to repeat again next year. Many thanks to all of the staff and parents/carers that supported this first global village camp and well done to our student pioneers for being the first group to see the night through! 

All monies raised will be divided equally four ways - to benefit a school initiative, a local chairty/cause, a national chairty/cause and a global chairty/cause. The students are deciding who these will be.