Head Girl Welcome

"Southfield is a school that gives you the freedom to aspire, while ensuring you receive the guidance needed to achieve your goals.

Southfield is built upon a strong foundation of school values that enable the school to come together as a community. These values are Optimism, Resilience, Balance, Individuality and Synergy, and they are an important part of everyday life at Southfield School. Throughout my time at Southfield I have seen first-hand the growth of our school community, and I hope that we can continue to find new ways to ensure that Southfield students are competitively placed within the ever changing landscape of the 21st century.

Southfield School presents a world of possibilities and aims to ensure that students in all year groups are able to develop the necessary knowledge and skills that will place them competitively amongst their peers in the workplace. My own experience at Southfield has been one that I will cherish forever. The commitment my teachers have shown, and continue to show, towards my education is unparalleled, their constant support and guidance gave me all the tools that I needed in order to achieve my goals. We openly welcome any prospective students and external visitors to come and explore our exceptional school for themselves."

Megan, Year 12, Head Girl