Head Girl Welcome

"Southfield is a school that encourages its students to progress in all aspects of their learning both inside and outside of the school environment.

Southfield prides itself on challenging students to build their character through critique and peer support across all year groups so that when they leave they can feel empowered to tackle the world beyond the school. Going forward with my own education, it is important to acknowledge the outstanding support and teaching provided by the dedicated staff who allowed me to reach this point of my educational career. In the future, I hope to go on to university to further my education and am grateful to the Southfield staff for offering me a wealth of opportunities that will help with my applications to the universities of my choice.

Through the diverse range of extra-curricular clubs and activities for students to participate in, Southfield helps to build on vital qualities such as teamwork, resilience, determination and perseverance, all of which will be beneficial for students and their futures. Southfield is a school which has allowed me to grow confidently by building my character and it is thanks to the ethos that Southfield prides itself with, that I have progressed and hope that aspiring Southfield girls will experience this for themselves. Southfield is not simply a school; it is a family".

Verity, Year 13, Head Girl