Proposed new 11-16 Secondary Free School

Southfield School is seeking the views of members of the community to help to shape our application to set up an 11-16 boys comprehensive school, offering a broad academic and enriched curriculum and wide-ranging reciprocal links with Southfield School to include a direct pathway to its Sixth Form. Please complete the short community consultation survey within the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page. 

The proposed school will be situated in the East Kettering Strategic Urban Extension development and is in response to the extent of the demand for a high performing boys school in Kettering comparable to Southfield. The new school will help to ensure that there are a sufficient number of places to meet the needs of children that are already in primary education and the growing population in the area.

The school would serve students in the locality of the school and across the wider Kettering area. This is a very early stage of the process. The school would be scheduled to open in 2024 should the application be successful. The proposed name of the school would be Hanwood Park School for Boys.