Social Sciences

Social Sciences are an increasingly popular and expanding field of both academic pursuits and vocational subjects which ignite a curiosity in young people.

Students who select to study subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care will develop knowledge and skills that will equip them for a wide range of different professions and employment, enabling them to make a positive difference in society and to further their own sense of well- being and self-awareness. Students will be challenged through excellent teaching to discover an understanding of their own mind, to become aware of how individual differences affect life chances furthering their tolerance and empathy for others, and to learn how to apply their knowledge of science to new and exciting concepts. Previous Southfield students of Social Science A levels have gone on to achieve excellent degrees and pursue careers in diverse fields including Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology, Nursing and Midwifery, Human Resources, Teaching and various positions in the Criminal Justice System.