Religious Education

RE provides students with the opportunity to gain a deep awareness of their own and others’ identities; to wrestle with the mysteries of life and the answers given by a wide variety of religions and beliefs; to be inspired by what is of real value in the world today and challenged to protect and nurture it.

Pupils gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the teachings, practices and life stories expressed in a variety of ways within Christianity and other principal religions and world views. Through reflection on their own beliefs and values in the light of their learning, it cultivates respect for themselves and others.

They encounter the transformative power of religions and beliefs in people’s lives – in the local area, in the UK and in the wider world. They are encouraged to be inquisitive about men and women of faith and commitment who have changed individual lives, society and culture. Through RE, they are encouraged to imagine how they can contribute to the creation of a better society.

There are 2 Assessment Objectives in RE which assess the following skills: 

  • AO1: Knowledge and understanding of religion and belief: influence on individuals, communities and societies.
  • AO2: Analysis and evaluation of aspects of religion and belief, including significance and influence.