Personal, Social, Health, Economic & Careers Education

PSHEC education is a school subject through which students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work.

Our PSHEC programme has an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for students, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our Programme of Study for PSHEC education (key stages 3-5) aims to develop skills and attributes such as resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, team working and critical thinking in the context of three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education).

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), is also taught during PSHEC.  The aim of RSE is to give young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds, not just intimate relationships. It should enable them to know what a healthy relationship looks like and what makes a good friend, a good colleague and a successful marriage or other type of committed relationship. It should also cover contraception, developing intimate relationships and resisting pressure to have sex (and not applying pressure). It should teach what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in relationships.