We provide an engaging and challenging experience of History that encourages and inspires a passion for the subject within our students.  

A diverse curriculum is delivered that allows students to develop knowledge and understanding of the past, both within the context of the United Kingdom and the wider world.  By dealing with varied past human experiences, our students are better placed to make sense of the world that they live in.

History encourages students to investigate key developments and events and consider how they impact on individuals and society.  In doing so it encourages students to consider political, social, religious, economic and cultural factors, their consequences and significance.  Students will also study how key individuals and groups can shape historical events and consider the ideas and beliefs that influence them. 

Key skills covered include the handling of interpretations and sources.  The former encourages students to consider how and why the past can be interpreted in different ways, whilst the latter develops the capacity to critically evaluate the content and context of evidence.  Core concepts covered include cause, consequence, change, continuity, similarities and difference.  As a subject History develops key skills for life, beyond the realm of formal education, such as high-order critical thinking and the ability to argue a case lucidly and logically.