Geography is a dynamic subject in which students are challenged to investigate and make sense of our changing world.

It involves the study of places and topical issues including climate change, migration, hazards, globalisation and sustainability which will prepare students for their future. We aim to encourage students to develop their ability in a range of skills such as analysis, enquiry, fieldwork and decision- making and ultimately encourage them in understanding the complex world in which they live.

We encourage students to develop their core geographical understanding of the world around them in the following ways:

by thinking like a geographer, through the use of 6 key ideas*

by speaking like a geographer by using key geographical vocabulary

by reading like a geographer through recommended fiction and non-fiction books

and by writing like a geographer in both lessons and in independent work.


Our six key ideas which enable all students to think like a geographer are:

- discuss and justify your opinion

- reach conclusions and make decisions

- routinely use maps and practice numeracy skills

- be curious about people and places

- ask geographical questions

- expand geographical vocabulary