Changes to homework club

From the start of next term we are having to change the way in which we run homework club.  This is due to the fact that a member of staff has left and we are unable to replace them at present. Therefore, we have had to reconsider the way in which we run this club to ensure the safety of the students who attend it.

Over the past two terms, there have been a number of regular attendees who have used the club properly in order to complete their homework.  There have also been students who have dropped in and out and have tried to treat the club as a social time before they are collected from school.

Therefore, from January 2019, numbers attending the club will be limited to 35 after 3pm.  This means that on a Wednesday, any student will be able to attend until 3pm when we have extra staffing available.  However, only those who have signed up to the homework club will be able to stay after 3pm.

Students may sign up on a first come first served basis using the form below, which should be returned via student reception.

Once the first 35 places have been allocated for each day, there will be no further room. The expectation is that these students will then use the club to complete homework, any student not doing so will lose their place at the club.

Homework club will be supervised by one member of staff who will be based between the main homework club room and the Library.

In addition, homework club will not run on Fridays and all students will need to leave at 3pm. However, it will continue to be open from 3.00pm – 4.30pm Mondays to Thursdays.

You will understand that in the increasing climate of financial cuts to education, there are going to be increased pressures on schools.  We would like to continue to offer the homework club without a cost to parents and currently this can only be done in the way outlined above.

Homework Club Sign Up