The mathematics department at Southfield School aims to develop and instil confidence in problem solving and critical thinking.

In doing this we hope that our students will go on to use these ways of working to break down and overcome whatever problems they face in later life, whether this is mathematical or not. Our Curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore many areas of mathematics whether it is algebra or shape, number or data and aims to provide students with the ability to see and make connections between these topics as they progress through the courses. 

KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield)

GCSE Mathematics Foundation and Higher (EdExcel)

GCSE Statistics

Level 2 Further Mathematics (AQA)

KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield)

A level and AS Level Mathematics (AQA)

KS5- Higher & Further Education

A level and AS Level Mathematics (AQA)


Engineering, Accounting, Architecture, Financial analyst, Actuary, Computer programmer 

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