Health and Social Care

With over 3 million people employed in the field, health and social care is a large and growing employment sector.  Studying Health and Social Care will not only give students an insight into what it means to work in health and social care, it will teach them a range of transferrable skills and help them understand more about human development.

Btec Health and Social Care explores a range of topic areas, including development of humans, values needed to work in the caring sector and how health and social care services are structured in the UK.  The course has a vocational focus and students will apply their knowledge to real life and work related examples.  The course utilises a range of assessment techniques including coursework and examination which will enable students to build their confidence and develop their communication, research and report writing skills. The course gives a detailed view of everyday life and how different individuals access provisions in order to be equal and valuable members of our society.

KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield) Btec Tech Award in Health and Social Care
KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) Btec Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care
KS5- Higher & Further Education
Health and Social Care is useful for a wide range of degree courses including Nursing, Midwifery, Social Care, Health and Social Care, Education, Childhood Studies, Psychology, Counselling, Youth Work, Paramedic Science and Sociology
Careers  Health and Social Care will be useful for careers working with people including Social Work, Nursing, Midwifery, Teaching, Counselling, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry
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