Geography is a dynamic subject in which students are challenged to investigate and make sense of our changing world.

It involves the study of places and topical issues including climate change, migration, hazards, globalisation and sustainability which will prepare students for their future. We aim to encourage students to develop their ability in a range of skills such as analysis, enquiry, fieldwork and decision- making and ultimately encourage them in understanding the complex world in which they live.

Our aim as a department is to encourage students to develop their core geographical understanding of the world around them by thinking, speaking, reading and writing like a geographer - all in all eliciting a love for the world around them and a passion for studying geography

Geography at KS3 is taught through an enquiry approach where traditional topics have been replaced with 'fertile questions' that get students thinking about pressing issues that are all based around 8 key concepts. Each of the fertile questions links in some way to at least one of these concepts and also investigates key global issues and current affairs. This builds a foundation for the study of GCSE and A Level Geography in KS4 and KS5 respectively. 

KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield) GCSE Geography
KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) A Level Geography
KS5- Higher & Further Education
BA Geography or BSc Geography are the two main routes, but other courses such as Marine Biology, International Relations, Global Studies, Sustainable Development or Demography can also be suitable for careers surrounding Geography. 
Careers  Astronaut, Cartographer, Civil engineer, Civil servant, Economic development officer, Environmental consultant, Estate agent, Ethical hacker, Geoscientist, GIS analyst, Immigration officer, Landscape architect, Lawyer, Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Pilot, Quantity surveyor, Structural engineer, Sustainability consultant, Teacher, Town planner, Travel agent, Veterinary surgeon
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