Film Studies

This course of study encourages learners to watch, engage critically with and explore a wide range of film; to develop and sustain confident, personal responses to film via textual analysis; and to enjoy a variety of critically acclaimed films across the major genres. 

These include films from different cultural perspectives, films from the Silent Era to the present day, and different forms of film, including documentary, shorts and experimental. OCR’s A Level in Film Studies reinforces the relationship between academic theory and practice through a synoptic creative production and evaluation where learners are offered the opportunity to engage in practical work such as the production of their own short film or screenplay in response to a brief set by OCR, through the non-examined assessment Component (03/04). It is our strong desire that OCR’s A Level in Film Studies should inspire learners to continue learning beyond the confines of the classroom as well as developing personal and interpersonal skills that will serve them well both in Higher Education and in the workplace. 

KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield)  
KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) OCR A Level Film Studies
KS5- Higher & Further Education
Film Studies (BA), Film Studies (MA)
Careers  Jobs directly related to your degree include: Broadcast presenter, Film director, Film/video editor, Location manager, Production designer, theatre/television/film Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video, Television/film/video producer, Television production coordinator.            
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:   Advertising art director, Concept artist,Event manager, Marketing executive, Public relations officer, Talent agent. Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.
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