Biology by definition is the study of living organisms, it encompasses all fields large and small, from ultrastructure of the viruses to the complexities of the relationships within natural communities.  

This puts the subject at the forefront of many important fields in the world today; whether it is developing new medical treatments for both communicable and non communicable diseases or analysing the fragile nature of ecosystems and implementing conservation policies. Our aim as a department is to facillitate students curiosity into discovering how the living world interacts both at a microscopic and macroscopic level. We aid with this process by not only providing support in grasping the complexities of biological concepts of terminology but also within their practical investigative skills. This is scaffolded throughout KS3 to allow students within KS4 and KS5 to confidently complete their required practicals as well as design their own investigations. These opputunities are provided both within the lab as well as in the field to aid in breaking down the notion that all work is done within laboratory conditions. Therefore by the end of their journey within Biology, the students will have the toolsets to become both critical and creative thinkers, who are able to solve the problems of the future.

KS3-4 Pathways (Southfield) AQA GCSE Biology, AQA GCSE Combined Science
KS4-5 Pathways (Southfield) AQA A Level Biology, AQA Applied Science
KS5- Higher & Further Education
Zoology, Animal Behaviour, Biology, Biomolecular Science, Biomedical Science, Marine Biology, Pyschology, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Sports Science, Dentistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Geology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Agricultural Science, Microbiology, Cell Biology
Careers  Academic researcher, Biotechnologist, Higher education lecturer, Marine biologist, Microbiologist, Nanotechnologist, Nature conservation officer, Pharmacologist, Research scientist (life sciences), Scientific laboratory technician, Secondary school teacher, Soil scientist, Teaching laboratory technician, Anatomical pathology technologist, Animal physiotherapist, Clinical scientist, cardiac sciences, Dental hygienist, Dental technician, Dental therapist, Dentist, Genetic counsellor, Health improvement practitioner, Medical science liaison, Surgeon, Neuroscientist, Physician associate, Prosthetist/orthotist, Science writer, Sustainability consultant, Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary nurse, Zoologist
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