Our uniform is changing.  From September 2018, the new Year 7 intake will all wear the new uniform.  Students who will be in Years 8 – 10 from September 2018 will have a three-year period to transition into the new uniform.    

The new uniform can be viewed here.   

Black jumpers will not be available for the new Year 10s in September 2018.  They can remain in their Key Stage 3 uniform or purchase the new Key Stage 4 uniform in full.  Students currently in Years 8, 9 and 10 do not have to purchase the new uniform at all, but can do so if they wish.  All students will therefore be wearing the complete new uniform from September 2021.  During this interim period no students will be permitted to wear a mix of old and new uniform.

Please click the red uniform shop button below to be taken directly to the website for our new supplier, Price & Buckland.

Our sports kit will still be supplied by Karl Sports.

Online Orders:
Karl Sports: https://ksschoolwear.co.uk/ 

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  • Socks or tights: Plain white, black or grey ankle or three-quarter length socks or thick black or grey tights or ordinary fine beige tights.
  • Shoes: Black with a sensible heel height.   In the interests of safety, high platforms and extremes of heel are not allowed. Boots and open-toed sandals are not allowed.  Trainers are not to be worn in school except during P.E. lessons.
  • Outdoor coats: Plain jackets, coats or anoraks in a dark colour. (Leather or denim jackets are not acceptable.) Coats should not be worn inside the school building.


PE kit                                    

  • Navy blue and red polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo
  • Navy blue sports trousers with school logo
  • Navy blue shorts or skort with school logo
  • White sports socks



The following items are permitted:

  • Wrist watch.
  • 1 pair of small gold or silver stud earrings.

No other piercings are allowed. The wearing of other jewellery is expressly forbidden for reasons of safety and hygiene. Persistent wearing of inappropriate jewellery will lead to it being confiscated.

  • Discreet make-up is permissible, however students may be asked to remove anything deemed as excessive.
  • Coloured nail varnish or false nails should not be worn to school.
  • Only natural hair colour dyes are acceptable.
  • Hairbands/Bobbles and religious head wear must be in a plain style in school colours, e.g. black, grey, red or white, and must be worn in line with safety regulations.