Tate Modern Visit 2017

On Tuesday 23rd May 2017, the Year 10 GCSE and Year 12 A level Art students visited the Giacometti exhibition at the Tate Modern. This was the first major retrospective of the Swiss artist in 20 years and the students observed his vast range of work from his lifetime.

This exhibition came at the perfect time for the GCSE students as they’re about to study his work in depth, as part of their Distort and Alter GCSE coursework.

During the visit students had to complete a range of drawing and analytical tasks, to begin to understand concepts and techniques that made the artist famous. They viewed many works from his distinctive linear drawings and paintings, to his famous elongated sculptures, some of which are 10 feet tall.

Students also had time to view the different work on other floors of the Tate Modern and some of the works did challenge their notions of what art can be.

Students also enjoyed the city scape of central London from the newly opened viewing level.

Tate Modern Visit 23.05.17