How learning is supported at Southfield


1.      Approach to Learning

At Southfield, we know that success comes from hard work and commitment – and that it all starts with a positive approach to learning.

 ‘Throughout the school, students thrive and develop into self-assured, articulate young adults, prepared with the confidence and personal skills to take their place in society’ OFSTED November 2010

We expect all of our students to work hard and take pride in their achievements. When forming judgements about a student’s Approach to Learning (AtoL) however, we consider three key aspects:

  • Effort and Participation
  • Behaviour and Punctuality
  • Homework and Independent Study

Each aspect is given equal weighting and will shape our judgement of your daughter’s overall attitude and approach to her work in and out of school.

We expect the vast majority of our students to demonstrate an approach to learning which is at least ‘Good’ (2). This means that they are normally well-motivated, conscientious and hard-working. It also means that they are developing good independent study skills, that they arrive at their lessons ready to learn and that they are in a strong position to make progress.

See our ‘Approach to Learning’ Criteria

2.        Behaviour 

We also have very high expectations of our students in terms of behaviour and this is supported by a clear system of sanctions and rewards.

‘External partners connected with the school…enjoy coming to work with Southfield students. They all remark on students’ excellent behaviour and what excellent ambassadors they are for the school.’ OFSTED November 2010

The ‘Behaviour for Learning’ system at Southfield is based around the concept of choice and all students are encouraged to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Students are given opportunities to rectify behaviour that is detrimental to their own learning, or that of others.  We use a simple and clear ‘step’ system in the classroom.  Each step is an escalation of sanctions.

There are also clear consequences in place for other inappropriate behaviours outside of the classroom.

To support students who do make the wrong choices, we also have clear systems in place.  These include strategies such as subject/whole school reports and a mentoring programme.

Steps System

Whole School Consequence

3.      Rewards

‘Students’ personal development and well-being are outstanding, reflected in their wide contribution to the life of the school.’ OFSTED November 2010

We encourage students to develop into well-rounded citizens with the ambition to succeed and achieve the very best they can in and out of the classroom. This is supported by a merit system where house points can be earned for:

–          Approach to learning
–          Participation
–          Achievement
–          Attendance

Students all have an online account and are able to use the house points they have earned to purchase rewards, enter prize draws and even make a donation to charity. Click the link below to see live rewards information via EPraise.


4.      Learning Support / SEN

The learning and progression of our students is supported in a variety of ways at Southfield.

Intervention plays a vital role in ensuring the success and achievement of all students, and is particularly important to those with Special Educational Needs.

  • Specific classes have experienced Learning Support Assistants assigned to help students access a full curriculum and achieve well
  • Students may receive pastoral support, either during tutor time or through a mentoring scheme to ensure that emotional and social development needs are met
  • We teach identified small groups or individuals for Literacy/Numeracy working on basic skills during negotiated lessons
  • Guided and group work and individual interventions for shorter periods, usually 6 lessons, help to develop strategies which will enable students to become independent learners
  • The Learning Support Centre offers break and lunch time support for students when Learning Support Assistants are available to help with homework or any other concerns a student may have

Our SEN Department strives to overcome any potential barriers to learning and meet the needs of all students. If you would like to discuss your child’s learning needs or would like further information about the support available, please email our SEN Co-ordinator, Mrs Sallee Carter scarter@southfieldsch.co.uk

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