Mufti Days / Non Uniform Days

On occasions, students are allowed to wear clothes other than the usual school uniform.  This may include ‘mufti’ days to raise money and awareness for charities, or as a year group reward; or when on school trips or excursions.

Whilst this allows students the opportunity to express themselves as individuals, it must be done so in an appropriate way. It is particularly important that any student dress on these occasions recognises that the school is still a working environment and all staff, students and visitors must comply.

Furthermore student dress must not cause embarrassment to staff, students and other members of the school community.
This policy applies to all students on designated mufti-days.  The school reserves the right to advise students when it considers that their appearance is unacceptable, and not in compliance with the school mufti day dress policy.

The following dress policy will apply to the wearing of mufti:
• Students should wear clothing of a modest nature suitable for a learning and work environment and should therefore not be revealing or too short.
• Leggings can be worn provided they are worn with another piece of clothing, for example mid-thigh length skirt/top/tailored shorts/tunic.
• Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
• The standard of dress is to be tidy, casual clothing.
• Any student is free to wear normal school uniform.

Examples of inappropriate clothing:
• Flip-flops and very high heels.
• Mini skirts or very short non-tailored shorts.
• Clothing displaying offensive logos, drug, alcohol or tobacco-related slogans or statements.
• Tops or clothes that show a bare midriff or reveal underwear.
• Tops that do not cover the bra front and back. Shoulder straps must be of reasonable width.
• Leggings without an appropriate length top.
• Any see-through clothing that reveals underwear.
• No facial piercings or ear stretchers.
• No bandanas.
• No body art, for example henna, unless connected to cultural traditions.
• No False nails are to be worn.
• No candvers style shoes should be worn.

If a student is in clothing that is in our opinion inappropriate for a school work setting then they should expect to be challenged.
Parents will be contacted to bring in a change of clothes. If that is not possible then the student will go into isolation for the remainder of the school day.