Vision and Values


Our vision in a world of possibilities

Our world is evolving more rapidly than at any other time and becoming increasingly intertwined through advances in technology and as a result of globalisation. We live not only in an extremely competitive world but also one that presents amazing possibilities and opportunities.

Southfield aims to provide for the future needs of our students. Careers and types of employment opportunities are evolving and changing continually. Some are yet to be created and so we see it as our obligation to prepare our students to be competitive in anticipation of the unknown. Therefore, our strong focus on academic attainment is equalled by our commitment to develop transferable skills and personal characteristics through the many opportunities we provide.

We provide an education that prepares our young people for a future in which they will need to be adaptable, resourceful and ethical in facing complex challenges. Being a Southfield student will mean the chance to be successful and have a positive influence on the global community. We aim for all of our students to be able to make an impact and leave a positive imprint on the world.

We nurture our students with the future in mind today.


Our values



We want our students to dream and see their future full of amazing possibilities and exciting opportunities. Learning is a complex process and should be a challenge. It is anticipated that everyone at Southfield is open-minded, curious and above all positive. We expect our students to be self-motivated, eager to learn more and ask questions continually. This mindset enables progress to become possible.

We believe that effective learning should be fun but also require deep thinking. Our students will be challenged and also supported to ensure that they are given every opportunity to make progress and excel in all aspects of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

With this comes the expectation that students will receive their personal feedback positively and act on the advice to move their own learning forward independently. We expect our students to believe that further progress is always possible.



We encourage our students to be reflective and embrace opportunities to apply learning and seek continual improvement in every aspect of life at Southfield. This growth approach is a key characteristic of our school. We work on the belief that all students are capable of making outstanding progress given the right approach to learning. Therefore, we expect our students to believe there are no limits to what they can achieve.

There will be setbacks. This is part of the learning process. We challenge our students to show the strength of character to persevere and not give up, to keep going and ultimately achieve. We work in collaboration with our students to provide them with the skills to develop a resilient approach. This nurtures students who value critique, support each other and feel empowered to drive their own learning forward.



We are extremely proud of our strong academic record. Our highly skilled and experienced teachers adopt a range of strategies to meet the needs of every student.  However, Southfield is more than just a place of academic excellence. Our committed staff provide a wealth of opportunities for our students to develop through an outstanding range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

We offer our students a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their time at Southfield. Alongside a strong focus on core development, our students are able to pursue a diverse range of interests through our wider curriculum. We are continually reviewing our curriculum offer to ensure it provides the best possible opportunities for them to be successful in the future. They receive excellent guidance to make informed decisions as they continue their journey through the school and beyond through a variety of academic and vocational pathways.

We place significant emphasis on nurturing the health and well-being of our students. Opportunities for regular physical activity and engagement in a range of topical issues support the development of good habits and healthy lifestyles.



Our school community has a strong shared ethos and collective purpose. However, we value the uniqueness in every one of our students. We know each one exceptionally well as a result of the pastoral and academic structures that are embedded across the school. Therefore, we are able to nurture their talents and support their progress as they move through the school from transition and hopefully on to Year 13.

We aim for our students to be confident individuals who take ownership of their learning and embrace the rewarding opportunities the school provides. A diverse range of creative and physical activities are on offer to our students through a cycle of structured programmes. We are extremely proud of the individual progress our students make whatever their activity or level.

We are strongly committed to preparing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow with a range of opportunities for them to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.



We firmly believe that Southfield is successful because we work so well with each other. There is a vibrancy and an energy across our school. Our staff are committed to supporting each other to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. This means engaging with the latest research and sharing our vast knowledge and experience across the curriculum. Our commitment to staff development and well-being is structured so that our students receive the very best every day.

In turn, our ethos is based around a strong sense of community where everyone has a crucial role in ensuring our calm and purposeful environment is maintained day to day. We listen carefully to the views of all of our stakeholders and value their thoughts in helping the school move forward collectively.

We encourage our students to work collaboratively in and out of the classroom and actively seek opportunities for them to engage with local, national and international communities to develop essential communication and teamwork skills.

We place great value on our partnerships with parents and carers. Their active involvement is vital to the success of our students.