Mission Statement

Education at Southfield is based on challengecommitment and choice.

Southfield offers challenge to its students by

  • building on their previous learning
  • developing their intellectual capacity to the full
  • providing a stimulating learning environment
  • encouraging students to aim high and maximise their achievements
  • equipping students with a range of skills for life, work and future study
  • stimulating a love of learning

Southfield has a commitment to

  • providing a broad and balanced curriculum
  • supporting the personal and intellectual development of every student
  • contributing to the good of the wider community
  • building good relationships with and among students
  • providing a safe environment
  • promoting mutual respect throughout the school community

Southfield offers students a wide choice of opportunities

  • providing an extensive curriculum to meet the needs of all
  • providing access to a broad range of extra-curricular activities
  • providing experienced guidance to support students in making their choices at every stage
  • enabling students to make positive choices and exert control over their present and future lives