Go Green For Grenfell

GrenfellOn Friday 15th June, we will be having a whole school mufti day to coincide with the government’s launch of:

“Go Green For Grenfell”

The Grenfell community would like as many schools & community groups as possible to wear something green, fundraise for local causes and share their stories, photos and projects from the day on social media using the hashtag #GreenForGrenfellDay.

We will be supporting our local food bank in Kettering.  http://www.theketteringfoodbank.co.uk/

If students wish to wear mufti, they will need to buy a £1 mufti stamp from the student entrance at the beginning of the school day.  This is not compulsory and students are still able to wear uniform as usual.

Many thanks for your support!

Below is a link where you can find more information about “Go Green for Grenfell”