Food Bank Donation 2017

Following our last fundraising mufti day, it was decided that this year we would like to donate to a charity close to home, the Kettering Food Bank.

Food banks provide a minimum of 3 days, nutritionally balanced non-perishable tinned & dried foods that have been donated by the local community.

For three weeks, staff collected items in the staffroom and then on Tuesday 19th December we took some of our sixth form council shopping at the local Booker Cash and Carry.

The sixth form council charity reps decided that they would like to spend £300 on items especially needed by the food bank and then they donated a further £200 to be put towards any other essentials that might be needed.  Often the food bank needs to also help people out with their gas or electricity bills, as well as paying for their own buildings rent.

The school mini bus was almost fit to burst with all of the items that we’d gathered.   The food bank’s volunteers were extremely grateful and said that our donation was the biggest that they’d ever received!

The girls were very proud to be a part of organising the donation.  They commented that it was really nice to actually see how the collected mufti money is making a real difference to others.

We’d therefore like to thank everyone who participates and donates on our mufti days.

If anyone is interested to know more about the Food Bank or would like to donate or volunteer, they can be found on Facebook and are based in Alexandra Street, Kettering.